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Rosio Ultra Tens Master

Rosio Ultra Tens Master is the first and only physiotherapy device designed and engineered in Turkey.

With 50 different modes, 10 special program you can ..

Tens Master is a physiotherapy device which offers Tens (transcutaneouselectricalnervestimulation) therapy, reflexology massage and acupuncture therapy all together.

Tens Master helps you to overcome your numerous health problems through its electro pads that provide treatment with tens method, and its body featured with reflexology massage.

It is highly recommended that you look through the operation manual of Tens Master. You can find about all of the specifications of the device in the operation manual.


Rosio Mini Tens Master

Small, portable and ergonomic. It is designed for you to experience the relaxing effect of tens massage everywhere and to raise your quality of life throughout the day.

With 5 different massage modes, time adjuster and different intensity effects it will be your favorite.


Rosio Neck Master

ROSIO NECK MASTER, boyun masaj aleti ile evde, iş yerinde, trafikte…
Sosyal hayatınızın her alanında, Şık ve ergonomik tasarımı ile Rosio Neck Master her yerde sizinle…                   

Designed according to neck curve, this device contains the benefits of low frequency electrotherapy which is applied to effect the problematic and deep areas of the body, of magnetic therapy, far infrared therapy and vibration massage therapy. It is important to keep the right position which is recommended scientifically, to obtain maximum benefit from this treatment. This massage form will stimulate the blood circulation and relax the regional muscles by eliminating the inflammation, swelling, pain, fatigue, pins and needles and headache. Weight of our head presses our neck significantly leading to damaged disks, headache, shoulder pain, neck pain, pins and needles of hands and spinal cord disorders in the course of time. Average weight of a human head is 4.5 - 5.5 kg. Our neck and shoulders work hard to keep our head in the right position even though we don't realize. Our daily routine, physical and emotional stress, posture failures and wrong sleeping positions result in the contraction of our neck muscles in time. Contracted and stiffened neck muscles lead to pains and limitation of our mobility. Besides, weakened disks may trigger cervical disc hernia.. Contraction in head, neck and arms affects our blood circulation adversely. In this case, symptoms such as headache and fatigue are presented.
Rosio Neck Master was developed as a result of a long-term work with the aim of assisting the removal of all disorders related to neck. System of neck massage therapy originates from Chinese Meridian believes. Rosio Neck Master enables the removal of neck tension through heat therapy, tens and vibration massage functions. The device helps in eliminating the muscle spasms, stress and pressure in neck and tension in the areas such as shoulders and head. It improves the posture by strengthening the muscles around neck. It speeds up the blood circulation in shoulders and neck, thus enabling better delivery of blood to neck and brain and removing the relevant diseases. The device helps resolving your sleep problems arising from neck pain, headache and cooling and pins and needles in arms. In case of regular use, you will notice the relief of your body in a few days. Neck Master helps you to eliminate all of the these disorders with tens massage and heat therapy which are applied to your neck.

Areas of Usage to Assist the Treatment:
- Tension and hardness in neck and shoulders -- Migraine /Neck muscle spasm
- Neck Stiffness
- Herniation of neck discs
- Pins and needles and cooling in arms and hands
- Fatigue, Disorders arising from the contraction in neck and spinal canal
- Posture failures
Designed by a beauty and science engineer, Rosio Neck Master suits to neck curve. Rosio Neck Master is a massage device that will help you to eliminate your disorders through far infrared therapy, tens massage, vibration massage therapy and magnetic therapy. You can use heat therapy depending on your personal need and choice. When applied, the device will relax your muscles and relieve the tension in your shoulders. It is possible to apply tens massage to remove your neck pain and strengthen your neck muscles using 2 different automatic therapy modes and 4 different modes based on your personal needs in 15-minute periods twice a day. You can use 6 different vibration massages depending on your needs for the purpose of relieving and relaxing your neck muscles. Medical magnets in Rosio Neck Master will stimulate the acupuncture points in body, thus balancing the body by improving your microcirculation.

Rosio Eye Massager

Rosio Eye Massager will give you a great experience with its extraordinary design and usage.

With the massage modes you can apply around your eyes, you will feel relaxed and you will feel the rejuvenating effects of a correct massage all over your face.





  Rosio Mini Neck Master                                 

     Ufak, taşınabilir ve ergonomiktir.

Tens masajının rahatlatıcı etkisini boynunuzda ve omuzlarınızda hissetmeniz için tasarlandı. Kendi gövdesi ile boynunuza tens ve titreşim masajı yaparken, gövdesine bağlanabilir elektropedleri ile omuz ve sırtınıza da aynı zaman uygulama yapabileceksiniz.